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Accountancy Services in Dublin

Bond & Co provides a range of accountancy services to individuals on a continuous basis or one off consultancy queries.
 As expert chartered certified accountants we are available for all kinds of accountancy services along with offering advice on a range of sectors; including advice to business owners and advice to landlords.

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Company Set Up

We offer advice and accountancy services to members of the business community who are looking to set-up a company. We ensure that businesses are paying the right amount of tax and that their employee payroll systems are streamlined and efficient.

Tax Registration

For individuals and businesses, we make the process of tax registration as quick and as simple as possible. For businesses, we advise on the right structure for their individual circumstances, e.g. sole trader, Limited company, listed company etc.

Advice on Business Taxation

Our expertise of the Irish taxation system means we’re able to advise companies on how much and what type of tax rate they should pay. With our expert advice, your company will pay just the right amount of tax. We also ensure payment is always made at the right time to avoid late penalty fees.

Personal Accounting

For individuals, we provide a full range of personal accountancy services. Our extensive and exhaustive knowledge of Irish taxation laws and requirements means we can ensure that an individual is fully tax compliant.

Advice Services We Offer

☑ Business Advice

☑ Rental Properties (Advice for landlords)

☑ Investment Advice

For more information on any of our accountancy services, get in contact with Bond & Co today.