Accountancy Services Dublin

Accountancy Services in Dublin

Bond & Co provides a range of accountancy services to individuals on a continuous basis or one off consultancy queries.
 As expert chartered certified accountants we are available for all kinds of accountancy services along with offering advice on a range of sectors; including advice to business owners and advice to landlords.

For more information setting up a company in Ireland, please get in contact with Bond & Co today.

Company Set Up

We offer advice and accountancy services to members of the business community who are looking to set-up a company. We ensure that businesses are paying the right amount of tax and that their employee payroll systems are streamlined and efficient.

Tax Registration

For individuals and businesses, we make the process of tax registration as quick and as simple as possible. For businesses, we advise on the right structure for their individual circumstances, e.g. sole trader, Limited company, listed company etc.

Advice on Business Taxation

Our expertise of the Irish taxation system means we’re able to advise companies on how much and what type of tax rate they should pay. With our expert advice, your company will pay just the right amount of tax. We also ensure payment is always made at the right time to avoid late penalty fees.

Personal Accounting

For individuals, we provide a full range of personal accountancy services. Our extensive and exhaustive knowledge of Irish taxation laws and requirements means we can ensure that an individual is fully tax compliant.

Advice Services We Offer

☑ Business Advice

☑ Rental Properties (Advice for landlords)

☑ Investment Advice

For more information on any of our accountancy services, get in contact with Bond & Co today.

Business Accountancy Services Dublin

Bond & Co are a business first accountancy firm. Our accountancy services in Swords have assisted businesses all over Dublin outsource their payroll, their bookkeeping and compile all legislative financial paperwork.

Our Swords accountancy services are experts in the needs of both local businesses and corporations in the process of moving their base of operations to Dublin or to Ireland.

Our services include:

Annual Accounts and Tax Returns

As trusted and established start-up accountants we understand that the compliance requirements of trading can often be an unnecessary burden on entrepreneurs and growing businesses.

To minimize this burden, Bond & Co has developed a robust and streamlined system of compiling annual accounts and tax returns on behalf of our clients.

To ensure compliance, our helpful customer service team keep businesses informed of any updated submission dates and payment schedules to ensure all businesses are in full compliance with their tax obligations.

Outsourced Bookkeeping

While all businesses are different they all require the services and expertise of a professional accountancy firm.

Managing a company’s books and the various administrative responsibilities, that bookkeeping entails, requires a major time commitment on behalf of the business owner.
Bond & Co’s can completely take over and oversee all the administrative aspects of managing a company’s accounting records allowing a business owner to concentrate on building their company.

After a full and detailed analysis of your company’s administrative requirements, we will agree on a suitable pricing plan.

  • With a professional Tax Accountant, business owners are free to concentrate on other areas of the business that require their attention
  • Access to professional tax advice and recommendations
  • Significant annual tax savings can be achieved
  • The peace of mind of knowing that your accounts are in order and that your tax obligations have been met

Outsourced Payroll

Our accountants based in Dublin, have the experience, expertise and resources to ensure your business’s payroll is processed in accordance with all legislative requirements including PAYE Modernisation.

Audit Services

Bond and Co also provide full Auditing Services for all types of Business.

General Business Advise including HR

Bond and Co can provide HR advise upon request should your business require this service.

Accountancy Services Swords

For business owners interested in face to face meetings, Bond & Co is a Swords based Accountancy firm.

Our offices are located in the heart of Bealinstown, Swords; meaning clients can drop in for meetings or schedule a business advice consultation with one of our professional business accountants.

We have a number of available parking spaces which takes the stress out of finding a free spot.

Bond & Co’s name has become synonymous with excellent accountancy services in Swords. We strive to remain a modern and future-focused accountancy firm that continues to evolve alongside the changing needs of our business clients.

To schedule a meeting to discuss the accountancy services your business needs, call into our Swords offices today.

Accountancy Services Dublin FAQ

How do I set up a limited company in Ireland?

To set up a limited company in Ireland, a business needs the following:
At least one director
A company secretary (if the company has only one director the company secretary needs to be a different person to the director)
A business address in Ireland and a registered address
A constitution
In cases where the company has one director and this director is not a resident in the EU or the EEA, will require a non-EU director bond.

What are the advantages of having a limited company in Ireland?

There are a variety of advantages when a business is incorporated in Ireland. A Limited Company provides the protection of Limited Liability in the event of the company ceasing to trade. A Company can avail of the low rate of 12.5%. Limited companies also pay much less tax on their profits.