Interested in Exploring the Advantages of Setting up a Company in Ireland?

Have you been contemplating becoming your own boss? Are you interested in delving deeper into the world of Irish companies? If you answered yes, then you may be pleased to learn that Ireland has emerged as a prime destination for businesses seeking a favourable environment to establish themselves. 

Over the years, the county has built a strong reputation as a hub for innovation, attracting both multinational corporations and startups. But why is this the case? Our experts at Bond & Co have all the answers you need to determine whether or not setting up a company in Ireland is the right step forward for you.

Understanding the Advantages of Setting up a Company in Ireland

One of the main advantages that many companies in Ireland found most attractive when establishing their business was the strategic location and access to European markets that Ireland has to offer.

Situated in the western edge of Europe, Ireland provides businesses with a strategic gateway to the European Union market which encompassess more than 500 million consumers. Its geographical location allows companies to effortlessly reach key markets in Europe, North America and across the rest of the world. Ireland’s well connected transportation links; including international airports and modern ports, ensures seamless trade and easy accessibility to global markets.

Another greatly significant advantage of choosing Ireland as a business destination is its favourable tax regime. The country has one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the EU, with a headline rate of 12.5% from trading income. This competitive tax rate, combined with an extensive network of double taxation agreements, helps businesses to minimise their tax liabilities and optimise their overall financial performance. Not only this, but Ireland offers various tax incentives and reliefs for research and development activities, offering innovation and attracting technology driven companies.

Also a greatly appreciated advantage of setting up a company in Ireland is its robust business ecosystem and supportive government. Ireland boasts a thriving business ecosystem that nurtures entrepreneurs and company innovation. The country is home to a vibrant startup community, as well as numerous research centres that collaborate with both academic and industry programmes.

Not only that, but the Irish government actively supports business growth through initiatives such as Enterprise Ireland, which provides funding, mentorship and guidance to startups and small businesses.

Could Ireland be the Birthplace of your New Business?

If you are looking for a strategic destination with a favourable tax regime, robust business ecosystem and skilled workforce that is located within the proximity of many global tech giants, then Ireland is the perfect place for you to set up your company.

Should you need any advice or guidance in the first and continuing stages of your companies set up, then Bond & Co are on hand whenever you need us. Simply contact us today by calling either 01 840 9173 or 0873091046, by emailing us at or by completing our online contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible with the further information you require.