Sole-Traders Covid-19 Grant

The continuing and ever-evolving ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic has left many small businesses struggling to survive.
During the lockdown, industries serviced by sole traders were hit particularly hard. And as more and more counties move from level 2 to level 3 on the national pandemic response scale, more and more sole traders will likely see their business adversely affected by these tightening restrictions.

Along with having to adapt their business practices in line with changing government regulations, businesses are also dealing with a downturn in the economy.
In order to mitigate the damage caused to sole traders, the Irish Government is offering a once-off €1000 grant.
The so-called “White Van Man Grant” is available to sole traders in Ireland. Sole traders can claim this grant for expenses directly related to COVID-19.

White Van Man Grant

The grant can be used to pay salaries, COVID-19 signage, personal protective equipment and the costs associated with fuel.
This grant is available to any self-employed person who was on the pandemic unemployment payment and is now back at work or preparing to return to work.
The White Van Man Grant is one of a range of Government initiatives aimed at getting Ireland back to work. This particular grant was designed to help plumbers, electricians, taxi drivers, and just about any sole trader that doesn’t qualify for the other government grants that are available.

How do I apply for the Grant?

Are you a sole trader that has returned to work or preparing to return to work? If so, you may be eligible to apply for this once-off €1000 grant. One of our professional accountants can advise you if you’re eligible and help you apply for the grant.
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