Starting a New Business? Do It the Right Way with a Start-Up Accountant in Dublin

When you start a new business, your focus is on gaining customers and building an income. Hiring an accountant may seem like an unnecessary expense. However, there are innumerable advantages to hiring a start-up accountant.
Read on to learn why hiring a start-up accountant in Dublin could be the best decision you ever make for your start-up business.

The Benefits of Hiring a Start-Up Accountant

Starting a business can be tough, and this is made even tougher if you are someone who isn’t well-versed in the accounting and tax side of the business. Taking care of your business’s financials can be daunting which is why having a start-up accountant can save you from falling into the many financial pitfalls facing a new company. Here are the top 3 benefits of hiring a start-up accountant in Dublin when you open a new business.

Help Decide Your Business’s Structure

If you are just starting your own business, choosing the appropriate business structure is vital for long-term success. With a start-up accountant available to discuss business structures at your disposal you’ll make the right decision that can help lead you to long-term success.
We will discuss the type of business you have, the income that you’re expecting to generate and see if you should begin as a sole trader or limited company.

The Right Business Plan

Having the right business plan is essential for your new business. A business plan document will help you apply for funding from different sources, as well as act as a future financial roadmap to chart your business’s growth and expansion.

A start-up accountant in Dublin can help create a realistic and professional business plan. When writing your plan, we will help you access your business’s prospects, evaluate your assets, your value proposition, and of course, help create realistic and achievable financial projections. When you write your business plan – with the help of an accountant – you can be sure that the figures and calculations you make are correct, giving you a great foundation for the future.

Help with Financial Planning

Many new businesses find themselves in hot water when they aren’t careful with their finances or don’t stick to a financial plan. This is where a start-up accountant becomes vital to a new business. Hiring a start-up accountant in Dublin for your new business will give you someone who can help you access future expenses and profits while advising on financial matters like funding sources and ways to save money on taxes.

Your Go-To Start-Up Accountant in Dublin

Now that you have learned the benefits of hiring a start-up accountant in Dublin, it’s time to look for one. At Bond & Co we have a team of professional start-up accountants ready to work with you. We will be able to provide advice on bank services, filing your company’s first annual return, handling your payroll, and so much more.
Please feel free to contact us or visit ourStart-Up Accountant page for more information.