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Limited Companies

Limited Companies

We provide professional friendly audit and accountancy services to limited liability companies all across Ireland. We ensure that the company is compliant with all of its statutory requirements.
We pride ourselves on offering straightforward, efficient accountancy that emphasises speed, transparency and attention to detail.

Our accountancy services include:

β˜‘ Accounts
β˜‘ Audits
β˜‘ Payroll

β˜‘ Bookkeeping
β˜‘ VAT
β˜‘ PAYE

β˜‘ General Accountancy Services
β˜‘ RCT
β˜‘ CRO Reports

β˜‘ Corporate Tax Returns
β˜‘ Directors Tax Return
β˜‘ Business and Tax Advice

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Setting Up A Limited Company in Ireland

In the wake of Brexit – i.e. Britain leaving the European Union – it has become increasingly more attractive for limited companies to set-up in Ireland. Whether it’s a completely new company or an existing company hoping to relocate to Ireland, Bond & Co makes the process as simple and as pain-free as possible. There are a number of attractive reasons for companies to set-up in Ireland.

β˜‘ Access to the EU Single Market

β˜‘ Irelands extremely low 12.5% corporate tax rate

β˜‘ Highly educated, English speaking workforce

Our accountancy service covers all aspects of a limited company set-up. We ensure the company is tax compliant and availing of Ireland’s lower corporate tax rate. We’re available to help set-up the company along with being available for long term contracts after the limited company has been established.

For more information on how we can help set-up a limited company please get in contact with Bond & Co now.