Revenue Audits

Is your business about to undergo a revenue audit? Bond & Co asset businesses with compiling their financial documentation in preparation for the audit.

Revenue Audits

Bond & Co has assisted hundreds of businesses all over Dublin and nationwide prepare for a revenue audit.
As expert business accountants, we understand how potentially stressful and disruptive an audit can be. If this is the first time your business is being audited it can seem unclear what information and documentation the revenue requires.

Bond & Co makes the audit process as straightforward and as stress-free as possible. We help a business gather all the necessary information and compile it into the correct format.

Both our business accountants and tax accountants access your bookkeeping and accounting records to make sure your business is compliant with Irish tax laws.

If you’re about to be audited, schedule a consolation with our tax accountants today.

Revenue Audits FAQ

What is a Revenue audit?

In brief, a revenue audit is when the revenue compares their tax records with a company’s tax returns. The revenue looks for any discrepancies between tax records and tax returns. An audits end goal is to ensure that a business is paying the appropriate amount of tax.

Why has my business been chosen for a revenue audit?

The revenue usually selects a business for one of three reasons.
– After a business files their tax returns, the revenue may have noticed a trend that they want to investigate
– Annually the revenue may decide to focus on a particular profession, trade or business sector
– Revenue also selects businesses at random