Tax Registration FAQ

Tax Registration FAQ

How to Register For Tax as a Start-Up Company

Before a new start-up company can register for tax, they need a CRO number.
A CRO number is a Company Registration Number that is issued by the Company Registration office.
Once your company has been issued a unique CRO Number, Revenue needs to be informed of the existence of the newly established company.
This is where things often get a little bit tricky for newly established companies.
By far the easiest way to properly register a start-up with Revenue is to hire a tax agent like Bond & Co.
On behalf of your start-up, we submit all necessary paperwork through Revenues online service.
Once a start-up is registered the company will be issued a new Tax Reference number which will be submitted along with the company’s tax returns.

How to Register for VAT as a Start-Up Company

Either the company owner or a tax agent like Bond & Co can register a business for VAT.
Company VAT registration is completed by filling in the online TR2 form.

After the application is received by revenue, VAT will take effect from the date agreed upon by the company and the company’s local tax district.

How to Register a Business Name in Ireland

For a corporate body e.g. a limited company, an RBN1B form must be completed and submitted to the company’s registration office. The fee for electronic submissions is €20 or a €40 fee for paper submissions.

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